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About the Virginia Wineries Association

Formed in 1983, the Virginia Wineries Association (VWA) grew out of the desire by owners of Virginia wineries to create a wine community that shared ideas and resources to the benefit of everyone in the Virginia wine industry. As a non-profit trade organization, the VWA advocates on behalf of the industry in a number of areas.

  • The VWA promotes viticulture and vintner practices that ensure the highest quality wine production among its member-wineries.
  • Education about Virginia wines and appreciation for their distinctive qualities among consumers are ongoing initiatives of the VWA.
  • As a trade organization, the VWA helps develop increased market share for Virginia wines.
  • The VWA supports continued research into the relationship between wine and health.
  • A thriving wine industry is a growing one, so the VWA favors the industry's continued expansion statewide

Board of Directors

Justin Rose, President
Rosemont of Virginia Winery

Jim Turpin, Vice-President
Democracy Vineyards

Chris Flemer, Secretary
Ingleside Vineyards

Mitzi Batterson, Treasurer
James River Cellars

Len Thompson, Director of Events
Rockbridge Vineyard

Ann Heidig, Past President
Lake Anna Winery

Joan Bieda
Horton Cellars Winery

Cindi Causey
Potomac Point Winery

Michael Kimball
Williamsburg Winery

David Morrisette
Chateau Morrisette

Brian Roeder
Barrel Oak Winery

Kirk Wiles
Paradise Springs Winery

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