Explore the Land of Virginia

The landscape and climate of Virginia offers countless choice sites for vineyards. Each of the state’s main regions boast vineyards and wineries. Given Virginia’s varied grape-growing sites with ideal soil conditions, fine wines now come from all over the state.

Spectacular landscapes, picturesque vineyards and fascinating people make up Virginia’s wine industry. Whichever direction you travel, you’ll experience world-class wines, and the realization of a dream shared by many.

Learn About AVAs

When you uncork a bottle of Virginia wine, you’re tasting not only the uncommon flavors of Viognier, Cabernet Franc or Petit Verdot, but also how those grapes grew in one of Virginia’s distinct soils and climates across the state.

Seven American Viticultural Areas are in Virginia. These grape-growing regions are defined by geographic features that influence the wines they produce.

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Where Virginia Winegrowing Begins

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Virginia’s Varieties

Discover what makes Virginia the 5th largest grape producing state in the country.

Virginia’s five distinct climate regions – the Tidewater, Piedmont, Northern Virginia, Western Mountain and Southwestern Mountain – provide a temperate climate that’s not too hot or cold for extended periods. Virginia’s varying weather patterns see the mountainous southwest and Shenandoah Valley average a 160-day growing season; and east of the Blue Ridge, an average of 200 days.