Virginia Cider

Extraordinary Orchards

Cider is a centuries-old tradition in Virginia, first imported from England as a way to stay hydrated when safe water was scarce. From those humble beginnings, the industry has matured and today, 50 cideries across the Commonwealth are crafting ciders of uncommon diversity and sophistication.

Virginia cider production is unique, with variation among each producer and each cider bottled. Ciders may be dry or sweet and greatly range in their style and complexity. Virginia cider makers use four types of cider apples classified as sweets, sharps, bittersweets and bitter sharps. Located in regions across the Commonwealth, diverse terroirs and climates contribute to the distinctiveness within each glass. 

However, the innovation doesn’t stop in the orchards. Highlighting fresh and inventive flavors through infusions, blends and co-fermentations and balancing tannins, acidity and sugar levels, Virginia cider makers bring out the best in their apples. The quality of Virginia ciders is being recognized far and wide, receiving national attention and landing on shelves across the United States. 

By the Numbers

Virginia Cider Producers

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