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Vidal Blanc

AmRhein's 2019 Vidal Blanc

This delightful off-dry wine presents bright citrus flavors of lemons followed by hints of mango with balanced sweetness and acidity.

Vintage Notes

Vidal Blanc is a hybrid grape which means is a cross between a European grape varietal (vitis vinifera) and something else (unknown). Vidal Blanc has been crossed so many times that not even google can tell you what the parent grapes are. What we do know is that it is hardy varietal that makes excellent wine.

Viticulture and Vineyard Site

We grow Vidal Blanc at out Bent Mountain Vineyard in rocky soils composed of decomposing granite. This vineyard lies at about 2700’ elevation which can be tough on vinifera varieties but this hybrid grapes can weather the extremes.

Wine Making

What we strive for with Vidal Blanc is harvesting when the acid level is ideal. The ideal balance between the acidity and the sugars are what make this wine so special. The grapes for this vintage were harvested on a cool day in October and went straight from the vineyard into the press in whole clusters. After chilling and settling the juice is racked into stainless steel tanks for fermentation.

Tasting Notes and Food Pairing

This wine features a crisp acidity that is balanced with 2 ½ % residual sugar. The result is a refreshing wine that features citrus and tropical fruit. Served this wine chilled and enjoy it on a hot summer day after mowing lawn. It pairs beautifully with spicy jerk chicken or West Indian curries.

All AmRhein's wines are made from 100% estate grown grapes cultivated in our three vineyard locations in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia since 1995.