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Thanksgiving Wine Bundle

Thanksgiving 3-bottle Wine Bundle

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, providing a thoughtful gift for your host or hostess, or sending your love to friends and family near and far, our three-bottle bundle pairs perfectly and adds joy to any occasion.

Our Founder, and Head-Winemaker, Nate Walsh, has personally selected these three bottles of Walsh Family Wine to pair perfectly with your Thanksgiving holiday.

Included Walsh Family Wines:

2020 Walsh Family Wine Petit Manseng

Petit Manseng is a wonderful grape to grow in Virginia, and one that is still finding a signature style. The wine can vary from dry to quite sweet, with differing approaches on oak and aging. This ongoing exploration makes it an exciting grape for our state, as winemakers are still working toward the best approach. The 2020 Walsh Petit Manseng is a dry zippy style. Of all the white wines we produce, it is the best suited for the variety of dishes on a Thanksgiving table.

2021 Walsh Family Wine Rose

Always a crowd pleaser, our 2021 Rose comes from Weatherlea vineyard, a site we’ve been farming for 5 years. Weatherlea Vineyard is the core of our rose production, due to its ability to produce highly aromatic, medium-bodied rose with pronounced acidity.We complimented the Weatherlea fruit with grapes from our Cabernet Sauvignon block at Bethany Ridge, hoping to accentuate the brightness of the wine and also add more complexity to the aromatics. As per usual, our goal is to produce elegant dry roses with texture, capturing both minerality and fruit.

2019 Walsh Family Wine Russ Mountain Merlot

Russ Mountain Vineyard sits high on an east facing slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just at the edge of Loudoun County. A site we have revered for years, and are now delighted to farm. This vineyard naturally yields a wine with “mountain fruit” qualities – brambly and spicy, with incredible structure. Our goal each year is to let Russ Mountain tell its own story of site and vintage. It’s a wine we believe expresses the site where it is grown, which is its own kind of magic. We would be honored for this wine to become part of your holiday traditions, and hope it remains a friend at your table for years to come.

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