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Brut Rosé

The 7 Lady Vineyards Brut Rosé, a blend of Feteasca Alba and Merlot grapes from Cricova, Moldova, is a delightfully refreshing and crisp wine. On the nose, it's fresh with delicate aromas of red berries, citrus fruit, and floral notes. The lively bubbles reveal a bright acidity balanced by subtle sweetness, and juicy strawberries, raspberries, and tangy grapefruit flavors followed by hints of minerality and almond add depth to the wine. This dry and crisp Brut Rosé is perfect for light appetizers, seafood, and salads or as an aperitif. It's a well-balanced and elegant wine showcasing the unique flavors and aromas of Cricova, Moldova, a testament to the quality of winemaking in the region.