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Vin Gris

This lush, dry Rosé is a blend of Virginia Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Chambourcin, and Vidal Blanc. Intense aromas of strawberry, raspberry, and peach jump from the glass and these aromas carry through onto the palate and linger through the finish. The wine’s crisp acidity makes this a versatile food wine, but it is equally refreshing on its own.

This rosé is made through a method called Saignée which translates to bleeding. A red wine gets all of its color and most of its flavor from contact with the skins during fermentation. In order to concentrate flavor, aroma, and color in our red wines we increased the ratio of skins to juice on the red tanks by “bleeding” some rose colored juice off of our red tanks. The happy result of utilizing this technique is both a lively, refreshing rosé and increased concentration in our red wines.

Vin Gris is an extremely versatile food wine. It can pair with cuisine from many different regions. If you’re in the mood for Mexican, try it with beef or chicken tacos. If you’d like Italian, pair it with a creamy risotto. If you want a simple meal at home, throw practically any vegetable, meat, or fish on the grill and you’ll likely find that it pairs well with Vin Gris.