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Rosa Nera - Black Raspberry Wine - Port Style

Doug crafts our Rosa Nera like a true port but it’s not labeled as one out of respect for the Port’s country of origin, Portugal. It's a luscious blend of Tannat, Petite Verdot, black raspberry wine, and our own fortified grape brandy. The black raspberries are fermented separately to retain their floral notes and dark berry character. Petit Verdot and Tannat are used to increase depth and intensity. Our Rosa Nera is a great way to finish off the day or a lovely meal. Enjoy by itself by a fire, on your deck, or at the beach. If something sweet is on the menu, try pairing with blueberry cheesecake or lemon buttercream chocolates. Rosa Nera is seductively satisfying. Once you start, you just can't stop!