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Red Wine Blend

Ten Vines Red Table Wine

A medium body blend of 85% Cabernet Franc & 15% Petit Verdot. On the nose, cherry and cranberry are apparent and follow through to the front of the palate. Roundness on the mid-palate is followed by a crisp finish and lingering acidity, with notes of red currant. Due to its youth and crisp acidity, this wine pairs best with complimentary dishes with lots of richness and savory characteristics. Duck and beef are excellent pairings, especially when prepared over an open flame. Pulled pork and barbeque in general will be wonderful. Gorgonzola, brie, and other rich cheeses compliment the wine well and will reveal more subtle flavors of the wine. Slightly sweet dishes, like those finished with honey or fruit, will balance the wines acidity. Moderate alcohol content makes it a great companion for barbeques.