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Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot

Our award winning Petit Verdot has fragrant aroma of cigars, leather and smoke, full-bodied, rich velvety tannins, dense dark fruit, hints of violets and a spicy white pepper finish. Massive and brooding…Sitting back and sipping this wine with a slow cooked meal is a blissful way to beckon the winter. Petit Verdot demands foods with plenty of weight, protein and fat; rich cuts of red meat (Any red meat barbecued is a great choice as you get the bitterness of the charred meat complementing the bitter earth flavors found in the wine) spicy pork, veal, lamb chops, any types of game and sausage, combined with roasted root vegetables all complement the complex sensual nature. The bold opulence of Petit Verdot is perfect for a myriad of hard and well-aged cheeses like Stilton Gorgonzola and Bleu cheese.
Gov's Cup Gold Medal winner