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Tiny Bubbles, Tough Decisions

Bloomberg View - Dec 30, 2015

5 Questions with Claude Thibaut of Thibaut-Jannison Winery

The Local Palate - Dec 30, 2015

Claude Thibaut was born into a champagne-producing family in the Champagne region of France and began working in the family business at a young age. Now 25 years into his career, Claude has been producing sparkling wine in France, Australia, California and Virginia. After working in Virginia for 2 years Claude realized the potential for producing sparkling wine in the region and teamed up with his friend Manuel Janisson to open the Thibaut-Janisson Winery.

Midtown's Bottle & Bine Cares Equally About Food, Beer, and Wine

Sierra Tishgart, Grub Street - Dec 28, 2015

Dunne on Wine: 2015 a year of finds and surprises

Mike Dunne, Sacramento Bee - Dec 28, 2015

Six Charleston Wine + Food Festival events to consider

Hanna Raskin, Charleston Post & Courier - Dec 17, 2015

Time to Sparkle

Jennifer Knowles, Edible DC - Dec 16, 2015

Having worked with Virginia wines very closely for the past five years, I have been continuously impressed and excited about the sparkling wines making their way to the retail scene. Interest in this category is steadily rising as more producers try their hand at this challenging style of winemaking.

The Search for America's Best Food Cities

Tom Sietsema, Washington Post - Dec 07, 2015

A surprise only to those who haven’t tried it, the finest Indian food in the country seduces with its spices in a city that’s home to just over 650,000 residents — and 2,000 restaurants. Downtown, the most daring example of avant-garde cooking this side of the Atlantic is yours, starting at $250 a head. And a 10-minute cab ride away awaits the spot Bon Appétit called the best new restaurant in the United States — not bad for a place that makes all but the First Family stand in line for a chance at a table.

The Foster Harris House: A Culinary Treasure in Virginia's Wine Country

Akoshia Yoba, Huffington Post - Dec 06, 2015

Tucked away in the bucolic town of Washington, Virginia awaits a mouthwatering dining experience at the Foster Harris House. It is a culinary treasure, where husband and wife, chef John and hostess, Diane MacPherson, team up to serve the best seasonal foods and wines the Shenandoah Valley region has to offer.

Holiday tips and trips! These last-minute vacations won't break the bank.

Today Show on NBC by Elizabeth Murray - Dec 04, 2015

In 1990, there were about 18 Virginia wineries; today it's closer to 230, with many that are highly acclaimed. The Cabernets and Chardonnays aren't household names, meaning that you'll have this undiscovered wine region to yourselves for a romantic escape.

The Best Places To Go For A Winter Escape

Rachel Kurzius, DCist - Dec 02, 2015

Where to Eat and Drink in Virginia Wine Country

Sara Levine - Where to Eat and Drink in Virginia Wine Country Read more at: Nov 09, 2015

The Obscure French Grape Making Amazing American Wine

Bruce Schoenfeld - Saveur Oct 27, 2015

Old World petit manseng thrives in Virginia

America's Unsung Wine Region Comes of Age

Ted Loos - Oct 08, 2015

Virginia's Cabs and Chardonnays aren't household names—but they should be. After decades in the shadow of Napa and Sonoma, this overlooked wine destination has blossomed, with superb vintages and restaurants to match.

Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz: Bubby Wine in Virginia and Beyond

Erin Scala - Knife & Fork Magazine Oct 04, 2015

When you consider the past 8,000 years or so of wine production history, sparkling wine is relatively new on the scene, becoming popular as late as the 1700s. In the early millennia of wine production, sparkling wines were usually made accidentally when a wine would continue its fermentation after warming up in the spring after harvest. When the weather gets cold, yeast goes dormant and stops fermenting, but it will continue its fermentation as soon as it warms up. If a wine container is sealed while yeast has the potential for activity, you could end up with a sparkling wine.

Rewarding harvest: The petit manseng grape adds unique flair to local wine

Erin Scala - The C-Ville Weekly Sep 29, 2015

Petit manseng has captured the curiosity of many of Virginia’s top winemakers. Just how integrated the grape will become to Virginia’s repertoire remains to be seen, but it is off to a roaring start. “I love the grape,” says Jeff White of Glen Manor Vineyards. “It is so versatile. It can be aged so long.”

5 wineries to visit in Virginia and Maryland this fall

Dave McIntyre - The Washington Post Sep 25, 2015

William's Article: Virginia's 2015 Governor's Cup Case

- Sep 14, 2015

The 12 Virginia wines in the 2015 Governor’s Cup Case tell great stories about the quality-driven trajectory of one of North America’s most interesting wine scenes.

Travel to Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia

Kristin Luna - Nashville Lifestyles Aug 09, 2015

Step aside, Napa—there’s a burgeoning wine region in the east. And with a recently renovated estate nestled among the vines, the Charlottesville experience just keeps getting better. - See more at:

High-quality Virginia wine may surprise some, but it shouldn’t

Dave McIntyre - The Washington Post Apr 10, 2015

Appellation America: The Quest for Terroir Beyond The West Coast

Maximilian Kast - The Somm Journal Mar 31, 2015

Why Sommeliers Matter More Than Wine Scores

Robert Sinskey - Mar 29, 2015

The World's Next Big Wine Regions

Elin McCoy, Bloomburg Business - Feb 22, 2015