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Clever Beast + Walsh Family Wine Semi-Sweet Vermouth

This aromatic, semi-sweet drinking vermouth is inspired by the botanical diversity of a Virginia field’s edge. Capturing the tastes and aromas of 23 lesser-known Mid-Atlantic plants like Speedwell, Fringe Tree bark, Burdock, and American Wisteria using laboratory techniques, the botanicals are blended with Virginia-grown, Petit Manseng grapes from Walsh Family Wine. Think of it as terroir intensified. Consume chilled with a twist of citrus or in a cocktail.

We like to describe this vermouth as ‘sexy and meaty’ in comparison to many of the too-sweet-for-us, nasally, overly anise/vanilla note semi-sweet vermouths available. This vermouth has light woody, herbal notes blended with summer hay and tea flavors and an almost narcotic floral sub note from the American wisteria. It’s easy to drink, and will keep you coming back to smell and taste the many layers of botanical complexity without feeling overwhelmed. Note that with an ABV of a vermouth, not a wine, it would be unwise to go back to the bottle too many times before dinner.

Keep refrigerated, consumed chilled, enjoy these unusual Mid-Atlantic botanicals.

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