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William's Article: Virginia's 2015 Governor's Cup Case

- Sep 14, 2015

The 12 Virginia wines in the 2015 Governor’s Cup Case tell great stories about the quality-driven trajectory of one of North America’s most interesting wine scenes.

Travel to Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia

Kristin Luna - Nashville Lifestyles Aug 09, 2015

Step aside, Napa—there’s a burgeoning wine region in the east. And with a recently renovated estate nestled among the vines, the Charlottesville experience just keeps getting better. - See more at:

High-quality Virginia wine may surprise some, but it shouldn’t

Dave McIntyre - The Washington Post Apr 10, 2015

Appellation America: The Quest for Terroir Beyond The West Coast

Maximilian Kast - The Somm Journal Mar 31, 2015

Why Sommeliers Matter More Than Wine Scores

Robert Sinskey - Mar 29, 2015

The World's Next Big Wine Regions

Elin McCoy, Bloomburg Business - Feb 22, 2015

Cider, fit for Thanksgiving feasts old and new

Dave McIntyre - Washington Post Nov 18, 2014

For an alternative beverage for your Thanksgiving dinner this year, consider cider, one of the fastest-growing segments in the alcohol beverage market.

Try 4 Virginia wines from unusual grapes

Dave McIntyre/Washington Post - Nov 10, 2014


Jill Erickson - Oct 13, 2014

Michael Shaps, co-founder and partner of Virginia Wineworks, has bought out his former founding partner Philip Stafford. A new holding company called Michael Shaps Winery Management Group (MSWMG), has been formed to oversee the winery operation and to develop new winery and vineyard projects. MSWMG consists of Michael Shaps as majority partner, Tayloe Dameron of Upper Shirley Vineyards in Charles City, Virginia, Francois Cousin of Brussels, Belgium, and Dean Andrews of Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Virginia - A Progress Report

Jancis Robinson - Oct 09, 2014

Virginia Wine Country Has a Chef Mega-Fan

Ray Isle - Food & Wine Magazine Sep 18, 2014

In Virginia wine country, there’s a whole vineyard of pleasures to be found

Domenica Marchetti/ Washington Post - Washington Post Sep 05, 2014

In Virginia wine country, there’s a whole vineyard of pleasures to be found...

Winery Wine Clubs Are the New “Must Belong”

Linda Barrett - Aug 05, 2014

Important Factors when Considering Wine Club Membership

What's the Deal with: Virginia Wine?

Julia Bainbridge - Yahoo! Food Apr 03, 2014

Fruitful Harvest For Early Mountain Vineyards And Virginia Wineries

Mary Beth Albright - Forbes Travel Guide Mar 30, 2014

Wine Treats From Virginia, Beyond

Bill St. John - Chicago Tribune Dec 10, 2013

Don't be afraid to try unfamiliar wines or unusual pairings

Pete Martin - Greenville News Dec 04, 2013

Different may be good, but let’s face it: Different can be scary. We like the familiar and dislike the unknown, and that continues to be a challenge for wine drinkers, myself included.

Great Road Trips: Virginia Wineries Worth Visiting

Teresa Tobat - The Daily Meal Dec 02, 2013

In the past few years, Virginia wine has really taken off. The state is the fifth largest wine- producing state and is home to more than 200 wineries. Although that number may seem small, when you consider that there were only six in the entire state in 1979, that’s a pretty big jump. To bring added awareness to Virginia’s contribution to the nation’s wine scene, the Virginia Wine Board held the Virginia Wine Summit on Oct. 27 and 28.

Virginia is making a name for itself as a wine destination, with hundreds of new vineyards

Alex Palmer - Daily News Nov 30, 2013

There are wine trails and nine distinct wine regions with companies like New Kent, Saude Creek, Dog and Oyster, and Philip Carter

Virginia wine, a perfect match with Chesapeake oysters

Dave McIntyre - The Washington Post Nov 21, 2013

Jon Wehner stood at the end of the small pier and pointed to his right, across Church Creek. “Those are our oyster beds over there,” he said, indicating a series of white poles sticking out of the water near the north shore. “And over here to the left, closer to the bay, you can see Shooting Point’s bed.” As he spoke, a small boat churned slowly toward us from the northwest, the sound of its motor c

Vineyards that are putting Virginia on the fine-wine map

Dana Milbank - The Washington Post Nov 20, 2013

The past several years, however, have brought Jefferson vindication. A new generation of Virginia winemakers has begun to produce wines that can compete with the best of those from California and Europe. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, a petite Bordeaux is taking root. Technological advances in vineyard site selection, viticulture and winemaking have combined to create a critical mass for Virginia, establishing this area as what Decanter magazine in July called “the next big thing in American wine.”

Oz Clarke dazzles Virginia Wine Summit crowd

Trevor Baratko - Loudoun Times Nov 05, 2013

A Vineyard for Every Taste

Todd Kliman & Jessica Voelker - Washingtonian Oct 10, 2013

Whether you’re an oenophile looking to try exclusive wines or a casual drinker who just wants to picnic, there’s a Virginia winery for you. Here are 19 favorites.

A Road Trip into the Heart of American Terroir

Steven Grubbs - Food & Wine Sep 19, 2013

A Road Trip Into The Heart of American Terroir

Steven Grubbs - Food & Wine Sep 01, 2013

Food & Wine (Circulation: 957,854). Written by Steven Grubbs, this article, titled “A Road Trip into the Heart of the American Terroir” features Atlantan sommelier Bobby Fischer’s journey through Southern wineries in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Several Virginia wineries are featured in this story including Foggy Ridge Cider, Veritas Vineyard & Winery, Early Mountain and Ankida Ridge Vineyards.