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Virginia Wineries' Twitter Information

- Virginia Wine Marketing Office May 12, 2011

List of Virginia Wineries that have Twitter accounts and their information

VA Winemaker’s Dinner Series @ Café Indigo

Chef Sebastian Carosi - Cafe Indigo May 10, 2011

Join Chef Sebastian Carosi in welcoming some of Virginia’s legendary and premier winemakers to Café Indigo in Sperryville for his VA Winemaker’s Dinner Series.

Old Dominion, New Prospects

Fred Minnick - The Tasting Panel Apr 27, 2011

"All signs indicate Virginia could become a top U.S. wine state."

Red Wine's 'Greenest' Grape

- Apr 20, 2011

One winery is making wine "green." Photojournalist David Ruff explores through the grapevines of Chrysalis Vineyards.

The Frenchman’s Cellar’s 4th Annual Winemaker Wednesday Series Announced: Gabriele Rausse at Premier Event on Apr 27th

Laura Bynum - The Frenchman’s Cellar Apr 13, 2011

This year marks the fourth season of The Frenchman’s Cellar’s Winemaker Wednesday Series: a series of events held approximately two Wednesdays each month, April through October, at which a Virginia winemaker hosts a tasting at the store.

Five Albemarle Wineries Launch “The Appellation Trail”

Chris Yordy - Apr 12, 2011

April 16th marks the opening day for The Appellation Trail, a unique wine route that connects five artisanal wineries in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains: White Hall Vineyards, Mountfair Vineyards, Glass House Winery, Stinson Vineyards, and Moss Vineyards (opening 2012).

Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery

Doneva Wolf - Apr 04, 2011

Kristin Swanson Holzman, owner of Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery, is pleased to announce her winery’s latest International wine competition award for the Rapidan River Blackberry Wine.

Party Like It's 1799

Gretchen Roberts - Wine Enthusiast Mar 01, 2011

One of our nation’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson was also one of the nation’s original epicures. In honor of his 268th birthday this April 13, we offer a Jefferson-style party with updated recipes and wines from his native Virginia, along with a few of his French favorites.

Declaration of Vindependance

Amy Zavatto - Feb 28, 2011

Nearly 240 years later, Virginia has finally become Jefferson’s land of the free-run, home of the grape.

Virginia — for Wine Lovers?

Niki Van Buren - Feb 16, 2011

But perhaps the best thing about tasting in Virginia is the fact that it is not Napa — not overpriced or pretentious…the people are kind, the traffic is nonexistent and countryside is beautiful beyond words.

2011 Governor's Cup Red Wine Medal Winners

VWA - Jan 23, 2011

A list of the medal winners for the 2011 Governor's Cup Red Wine.

Drinkers in UK and U.S. swap wine

CNN - Dec 28, 2010

While U.S. wines sales expand in Britain, English wines hope to hit the American Christmas table as CNN's Jim Boulden reports.

Is Virginia Wine Overpriced?

Frank Morgan - Nov 26, 2010

The topic of the price of Virginia wine came up during a recent conversation with Andy Regan, winemaker at Jefferson Vineyards that began as a result of a comment by someone on Twitter during a live tasting. We both lamented about these Virginia wine is overpriced comments, and talked about a comparative tasting at some point. The day after our conversation I received an email from Andy about the tasting – a blind comparative tasting with similar priced wines from across the world and Virginia.

Meet Virginia

Kelly Magyarics - Oct 30, 2010

If you haven’t already made her acquaintance, meet Virginia— and her wines. For entire article, go to:

Circle of Wine Writers' Tour of Virginia

Circle of Wine Writers - Oct 29, 2010

Those of us on the trip who had tasted Virginian wines at the London Wine Trade Fair earlier this year or at the tasting at The Oxford Wine Company last year had no doubt that these wines represented more than a passing curiosity. For those who hadn’t come across them before, this was a giant leap in wine education. As we gathered on a balmy late summer evening at the Westin Hotel, Reston, in preparation for the start of our tour the next day, discussing the itinerary, nibbling local foods and sipping some excellent local wines, we couldn’t help surmising that we were in for a treat.

The State of 'Locapour' Around Washington

Dave McIntyre - The Washington Post Oct 18, 2010

Maureen McDonnell was on a mission. Chagrined that Virginia wines are hard to find on retail shelves and restaurant wine lists, the commonwealth's first lady spent time in late August introducing Washington area retailers and sommeliers to wineries in Loudoun and Fauquier counties...

Discover Your Local Crush

VaWineDiva (Tweeter handle) - Swirl, Sip, Snark Oct 10, 2010

While we don’t talk about it much, the Virginia Wine Board folks do a great job of publicizing the VA wine industry with limited resources. We would never have learned about the depth and vibrancy of the VA wine industry had it not been for their wine maps and marketing campaigns, and I doubt we’re alone in that. October is Virginia Wine Month, and this week is Drink Local Wine Week (thanks to the folks at, so we wanted to take this opportunity to point out what a great campaign VA has undertaken...

Governor McDonnell Announces Sales of Virginia Wines Up Nearly 13% in FY2010

Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry, Todd P. Haymore - Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry, Todd P. Haymore Sep 27, 2010

RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell today announced that sales of Virginia wine in FY2010 increased nearly 13% from FY2009. Total sales of Virginia wine amounted to $1,604,387 in wine liter tax collections during the fiscal year ending June 30, 2010, whereas the total wine liter tax collected by the state derived from the sale of Virginia wine in FY2009 amounted to $1,428,216...

Winepress: Virginia vs California Wines: Closing the Gap

Debra Gordon - The Daily Press Sep 26, 2010

A couple of years ago, I was talking with a friend from California about wine, extolling on the quality wines my husband and I were finding in Virginia. She flinched, scrunched up her nose as if she'd smelled something bad, and emitted the sentence I typically hear when bringing up Virginia wines: "Ewww. I think Virginia wine is terrible." A few weeks later, I invited her to dinner and poured a rich, robust Bordeaux-style Virginian wine from Linden Vineyards. Of course, I didn't tell her where it came from. She took a sip and began raving. "This is fabulous. What is it?" When I told her it was a Virginia wine, she nearly fell on the floor.

The U.K.-Virginia Wine Link Gets Stronger With a Visit from British Writers

Cathy Harding - C-Ville Weekly Sep 20, 2010

Members of the Circle of Wine Writers, as their group is known (membership nears 300 and includes wine writers of renown such as Jancis Robinson, Steven Spurrier and Oz Clarke), visited Keswick Hall on September 8 for a tasting of Central Virginia-area wines and dinner with Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell and Agriculture Secretary Todd Haymore...

Governors' Forum

Oxford American - Oxford American Sep 13, 2010

Though it's hardly quiet, Virginia's fast growing wine industry has not yet attracted nearly the attention it deserves. The Commonwealth is now the fifth largest wine-producing state in the country and the seventh largest commercial grape producer. We now have more than 160 wineries located throughout all the beautiful regions of the state. Wineries Unlimited and the North American Wine Bloggers announced recently that both of their organizations will hold their respective annual meetings in Virginia next year...

American Wine in London

Tina Caputo - Vineyard & Winery Management Aug 31, 2010

Be sure to check out the Whole Foods on Kensington High Street in London. It has the largest selection of Virginia wines in London!

Gov. McDonnell's Trade Mission to Europe

Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry, Todd P. Haymore - Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry Jul 29, 2010

I wanted to share with you a few notes from the Governor's and my successful trade mission to Europe. In part, the purpose of our trip was to highlight Virginia wines in the United Kingdom, promote increased sales there, and attract more winery tourism to Virginia. The UK is currently the largest wine importing country in the world - $8 billion worth every year - and by whatever measure, I am confident that our mission was a success...

2010 State Fair of Virginia Wine Competition

Jennifer Ross - State Fair of Virginia Jul 21, 2010

Attached is a list of 2010 State Fair of Virginia Wine Competition winners.

Governor Urges Residents to Buy VA Wine, Food

Associated Press - Associated Press Jul 16, 2010

RICHMOND, VA. — Gov. Bob McDonnell is asking Virginians to buy local food and beverages. McDonnell recently sent a letter to all Virginia business and industry leaders touting his "Choose the Commonwealth" initiative, asking them to seek out Virginia products. McDonnell said he features Virginia wines and other locally grown and produced food and beverage products during events at the Executive Mansion...