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Virginia Vineyards Association

About the Virginia Vineyards Association

The Virginia Vineyards Association began in 1979 as a joint effort among Virginia viticulturists, wineries and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University to oversee and promote the following areas of mutual interest.

  • The viticultural interests of Virginia
  • Growth of commercial grape growing as a major component of Virginia agriculture
  • Cultivation of all species of grapes
  • Public recognition of products made from Virginia grapes
  • Establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with local, state and federal government agencies
  • Free exchange of information and ideas with professional and amateur enthusiasts


Board of Directors:

Tom Kelly, President

Bill Tonkins, Past President

Jim Benefiel, Vice President

Karl Hambsch, Secretary

Kay Thompson, Treasurer

Dr. Tony K. Wolf, Technical Advisor

Emily Hodson, Research Committee Chair

Paul Mierzejewski, Education Committee Chair

Bill Robson, Legislative Committee Chair

Bill Freitag, Sustainability Workbook Committee Chair

Turtle Zwadlo, Communications Committee Chair

Katie Meeks, VVA Business Manager

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Virginia Vineyards Association membership information:

The VVA invites you to join their growing association dedicated to the viticultural interests of Virginia. Members include commercial growers, those who grow grapes as a hobby and people who want to learn more about viticulture. Many of Virginia's farm-wineries are also members as are companies that provide goods and services to grape growers statewide.

Membership is open to anyone. The annual membership fee of $60 covers up to two people (additional members may be added for $10 each) and is due by January 31 of each year. The fee helps the VVA host several annual workshops offered in cooperation with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. One of these is the VVA annual technical conference. Another, the annual membership event and picnic, is typically held at a member-farm winery in the spring or summer and gives members a chance to get to know each other, compare and exchange viticultural notes and enjoy good food and wine. The VVA newsletter, the Grape Press, comes out quarterly by email to each member.

Please visit to download a membership form and member roster.